NEWS: Lauren Kashan (Sharptooth) appears on Lead Singer Syndrome podcast!

Credit: Ana Massard

Lauren Kashan, vocalist for the Baltimore based hardcore outfit Sharptooth, has become the latest guest to feature on the Lead Singer Syndrome podcast, hosted by Shane Told of Silverstein.

For those unaware of the podcast, it’s a regular episodic podcast series that sees Told interviewing and speaking with vocalists from other bands about being a frontman or frontwoman.

In the latest episode, the two discuss the forthcoming sophomore Sharptooth record and follow-up to 2017’s ‘Clever Girl’, Kashan‘s youth and upbringing, the messages that she and the band are so outspoken about, her disagreements with the growing cancelled culture, and more.

You can stream the full podcast episode below.

More details surrounding the forthcoming second Sharptooth album will be confirmed as they develop.