NEWS: Kvelertak sign with Roadrunner Records!

Rising hardcore punk/black metallers Kvelertak have announced that they have signed to Roadrunner Records.

Dave Rath, Senior Vice President of A&R at Roadrunner, had this to say of the band; ‘Every decade or so, hard rock and heavy metal gets a well-deserved kick in the ass. Kvelertak is the band to do just that. These guys remind us that rock music should truly affect us. Roadrunner is proud to deliver Kvelertak to a world waiting for a musical awakening. If this band doesn’t get your heart racing, then you don’t have one’.

The bands new album ‘Meir’ will be released March 26th, with first single ‘Bruane Brenn’ avaliable February 5th. Check out the tracklisting below.

1.) Åpenbaring
2.) Spring Fra Livet
3.) Trepan
4.) Bruane Brenn
5.) Evig Vandrar
6.) Snilepisk
7.) Månelyst
8.) Nekrokosmos
9.) Undertro
10.) Tordenbrak
11.) Kvelertak