NEWS: Knuckle Puck engage in feud with Jarrod Alonge for parody t-shirt!

YouTuber, comedian, and satire-core artist Jarrod Alonge has recently been involved in a feud with Chicago pop-punks Knuckle Puck after he placed a parody shirts on his online merch store, inspired by a band pronunciation he released back in 2014.

In the video (which you can view here), Alonge helps to pronounce band names, some purposely and obviously incorrect, which includes pronouncing Knuckle Puck as “Kanookla Pook”.

The shirt, which parodies one of the band’s recent merch designs, reads “Kanookla Pook” and “Everything is so phonetic”. You can see it paired up beside the original below:

Upon it going online for sale, some members of the band sent a series of tweets to Alonge (some embedded below, some of which have since been deleted), including requests for him to “take the shirt down. Now.”

Alongside a series of responses Alonge has sent back to members of Knuckle Puck and fans also weighing in their comments, he’s also created a video off to address this news, along with how copyright/trademark infringement and parodies differ from one another.

At the time of writing, both shirts are still on sale.

You can purchase Jarrod Alonge‘s parody shirt via his official merch store (here), and you can purchase Knuckle Puck‘s shirt via their official merch store (here).