NEWS: Karl Logan (Manowar) arrested for alleged possession of child pornography!

Credit: Promo

It has been reported that Karl Logan, guitarist for New York based heavy metal band Manowar, has been arrested due to alleged possession of child pornography.

Though the news of his incarceration was only released yesterday (October 25th 2018), 53-year-old Karl Logan was arrested in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 9th 2018 as it states in the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office’s reports (here).

In the arrest report, it states that Logan was charged with six counts of third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor.

According to local law, “A person commits the offense of third-degree sexual exploitation of a minor if, knowing the character or content of the material, he possesses material that contains a visual representation of a minor engaging in sexual activity.”

A spokesperson for the office reportedly told celebrity news website The Blast that a warrant was issued back in August for his arrest, and he was booked into the local jail. Logan‘s bail was set at $35,000 (approximately £27,279) and he has since bonded out.

Since his arrested, the remaining members of Manowar, who are set to release a new album soon as well as embark on some farewell tour dates, had the following to say.

“Regarding Karl Logan

With regard to Karl Logan’s arrest and the charges against him:

Due to the fact that Karl and his attorneys are dealing with these issues, he will not perform with Manowar.

The new album and upcoming tour will not be affected.

– Magic Circle Entertainment Management –”

More details surrounding this situation will be confirmed as it develops.