NEWS: Kanye West seen wearing Cradle Of Filth merch; band responds!

Known for his interest and involvement in the fashion world almost as much as his musical output and relationship with Kim Kardashian, rapper and record producer Kanye West has most recently been caught out and about wearing a Cradle Of Filth long sleeve t-shirt – a rather unexpected choice of apparel from West.

Since being snapped wearing a piece of the band’s merch, who formed in Suffolk back in 1991 and to date have released eleven studio full-length records, the latest being 2015’s ‘Hammer Of The Witches’, Cradle Of Filth have responded via Facebook, saying “Kanye West. Cradle Of Filth fan. Fortunately not a collaborator.”

Though certainly not who you’d expect to be one, it’s not certain if West is actually a fan of the extreme metal band, or if he just chose to wear the band’s merch for purely aesthetic reasons. The logo on some of his Yeezus merchandise has a similar typography to that of Metallica‘s logo.

He has, however, featured on a 30 Seconds To Mars song in the past, which is about as metal as we can ever imagine him getting in terms of a collaboration.

Metal has steadily been creeping into pop culture over the past year or so, with Rihanna using death metal typography to display her name during last year’s VMAs, and Justin Bieber‘s constant choice of metal shirts along with a somewhat unexpected relationship with Marilyn Manson.

Lady Gaga‘s recent onstage collaboration with Metallica is also worth mentioning.