NEWS: Kamikaze Girls detail debut album, ‘Seafoam’, out June 9th 2017!

Leeds based duo Kamikaze Girls have just confirmed details surrounding what will be the band’s debut full-length effort. The album and follow-up to their ‘Sad’ EP, titled ‘Seafoam’, is scheduled for release on June 9th 2017 via Big Scary Monsters (UK/RoW)/Wiretap Records (US).

You can check out the album artwork, full track listing, and a stream to lead single ‘Berlin’ below:

01.) One Young Man
02.) Berlin [stream]
03.) Teenage Feelings
04.) Good For Nothing
05.) KG Go To The Pub (ft. Ren, Petrol Girls)
06.) Lights & Sounds
07.) Deathcap
08.) Weaker Than
09.) Unhealthy Love
10.) I Don’t Want To Be Sad Forever

Commenting on the album, vocalist Lucinda Livingstone said, “Coming off tour in November 2016 without a penny to our name and nothing on the other side of the airport was tough. It was quite a low few months for me as I didn’t have a steady place to live and we just had the album recording looming over us.

I was driving myself crazy most days. We had a good routine on tour and it was just all lost. A lot of ‘Seafoam’ is written from that perspective, just being in a hole with nowhere to go, feeling a bit numb to everything I guess.”

You can pre-order ‘Seafoam’ online now from the label’s website (here).