NEWS: Jonny Craig (Slaves) responds to recent allegations of sexual abuse!

Not one to be short of controversy throughout his career, Slaves frontman Jonny Craig most recently was subject to a series of allegations from a handful of seemingly former partners, claiming that he had carried out varying degrees of assault and abuse towards them in the past.

The news of the allegations came to light back in November 2017, which upon surfacing online soon resulted in Slaves being dropped from their then label Artery Recordings just a couple of months before the scheduled release of their third album, ‘Beautiful Death’.

The band have since been picked up by the label The Orchard, a subsidiary of Sony Music, who’ll instead release the album for them next month.

You can read more about the label dropping the band along with the aforementioned allegations by heading over to our initial report (here).

Initially, no official statement or response was released in response to the allegations, and yesterday, an article was published by SA Current – a local publication in San Antonino, Texas – which re-addressed this due to Craig posting several photos via his Instagram and other social channels, in which he tagged himself as being in the city.

The article, titled ‘Singer Jonny Craig Has Been Hanging Around San Antonio and We’re Not Stoked About It’, can be read over on the publication’s website (here).

Shortly after the release of the article, Craig issued a response to the allegations through a series of tweets via his official Twitter account. You can read them below.

“Let me make it clear. I have never raped ANYONE or sexual assaulted anyone. You can say I am many things; a junkie, a thief, a cheater, a shitty BF for sure. You can call me many things, but in NO WAY do I condone hurting someone like that! Sometimes I say mean shit and don’t think before I speak… like saying I will burn said person’s house down if she sold my stuff. All I’m thinking about it is my shoes that cost more than her rent. Stupid, I know.

I have no hate towards any of these girls. I don’t care about about two of them and I’m sorry that I was on drugs and I didn’t think about anyone but myself. I’m sorry we had horrible relationships and you stayed knowing I was an addict and cared more about the drugs than you. That being said good luck with your lives because I am willing to work with any law enforcement agencies to help clear my name of this serious but untrue slander, and to help show that my band and I do not promote violence towards anyone especially women. We want all those who have really been hurt to be able to step forward without being scared.

This all being said as a man, I’m going to take all the mistakes I have made in my life and in these past relationships and apply them to making sure I treat Taylor Dean with nothing but love and respect, because being off heroin has allowed me to have a real perspective on life and how being the best man I can be for not only myself but for my fans and family is what’s most important to me in 2018.

Thank you so much for reading this, and again, I hope the best for all 3 of these ladies and I hope they heal from whatever damage I have caused. One love.”

For those who are currently facing or are survivors of sexual abuse, harassment and misconduct, more help and support can be found below.

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