NEWS: Jonny Craig posts open letter; confesses he’s “struggling”!

With the announcement of Sacramento’s Slaves deciding to part ways last week, frontman Jonny Craig confirmed an announcement of his own was to follow a few days after. Craig has now posted said announcement, which is an open letter regarding his ongoing struggles as an addict, that he’s “struggling”, and plans to get help following his confirmed solo tour in North America.

You can read the full statement, which was posted by Craig via Slaves‘ official Facebook page, below:

“To all my faithful fans,

It’s time I set the record straight. Please know this is me talking: not a publicist, not a manger, it’s just me. For years I have fought hard to escape my past and everything that comes with it. I have continually gotten clean, and then fallen right back into the same ruts. As most of you are aware… I have a problem: I am an addict. I have entered rehab twice. I have sought help multiple times. It just keeps happening. My choices and my struggles have cost me many things: relationships, loved ones, friends, bands, and much more. For letting any of you down, I’m truly sorry.

This is an open letter to everyone to let you know I’m struggling. No excuses. I want you, the fans, to know that I’m doing my best to get through these current tours. I will try my best to stay clean and finish these. To help get me back on track I am going back on the medicine I was on for 4 years that helped me stay clean. After the U.S. solo tour and the European Slaves dates (with select members), I am going to take some time and get the help I really need. I am also going to take money from the solo tour to put towards the help I need. I know it’s not optimal for my health to be out on the road, but I really want to finish these tours for you guys.

I am going to be working on new solo material with Kyle Lucas. Colin Vieira and I will eventually continue on as Slaves, and there will be more good news to come.

Thank you for staying with me all of these years. You guys are what keep me going.


Slaves performed their last show as a band in Santa Cruz, California on April 10th 2016. With plans to complete the already confirmed European dates (with select members) and with the band still present on the line-up poster, it’s assumed they will still play Download Festival at the time of writing.

When they will return as explained in Craig‘s statement, and in what capacity is yet to be confirmed.

News surrounding development on his solo work will be confirmed over the coming months following Craig‘s intended treatment.

We here at DEAD PRESS! wish Jonny Craig the best of luck on his road to recovery.