NEWS: Jonathan Vigil (The Ghost Inside) gives update following tragic bus crash!

The Ghost Inside frontman Jonathan Vigil has given an update on his condition following the horrific El Paso bus crash in November 2015, which sadly took the lives of the two drivers involved:

The 32-year-old vocalist posted a photo on his Facebook page with a caption reading: ‘Going from being in bed and being incoherent to standing on my own in a matter of two and a half months is mind blowing. Seeing these pictures reminds me that no matter how bad I had it, that I’m going to fully recover. I honestly love everyone involved and I wish they didn’t have to go through what they are. I’m so thankful to be alive!’

The frontman detailed his injuries and treatments earlier this month, which include a fractured back and neck, two broken ankles, ligament damage to his knee, a broken tooth and a wound on his back. He also had to have a skin graft on his right elbow.

In addition to this news, drummer Andrew Tkaczyk also confirmed earlier this month that he had lost his leg in the bus crash. He also suffered several rib, hip and spine fractures. Guitarist Zach Johnson announced in December that he had endured more than 26 hours of surgery to his feet, legs and hips.