NEWS: Jonathan Davis releases emotional video for ‘Basic Needs’!

Credit: Promo

Though there are plans to release a new Korn album next year, frontman Jonathan Davis is continuing on with promoting his debut solo album ‘Black Labyrinth’ with the release of a video for ‘Basic Needs’.

The track acts as the first single to come from the record, which dropped earlier this year.

Talking about the video and single, Davis had this to say.

“‘Basic Needs’ is essentially as close as I get to writing a love song. It also gave me a chance to explore different instruments and styles of world music, and step outside of what may be considered ‘the norm.’ The two other videos I’ve released for this record have been telling a story in reverse. This video continues that pattern.”

You can stream and watch the video for ‘Basic Needs’ below.

His debut solo album, ‘Black Labyrinth’, is out now through Sumerian Records.