NEWS: John Be leaves My Passion, new guitarist Ande D’Mello steps in!

Now former My Passion guitarist John Be has announced his departure from the band today, as well as confirming the band’s new replacement for his position, Ande D’Mello. John posted the following message on his official Facebook profile:

“Hi everyone,

As some of you may have already guessed I am leaving My Passion. It was a hard decision but my dreams and ambitions have changed and I was no longer committed in the way that I always had been and would need to be to further the band. I’m now going to be tour managing and Guitar teching for bands, including My Passion so don’t worry you will still see me on the road with the boys! I was with the boys discussing replacement ideas and I suggested Ande D’Mello as a perfect new member of My passion as not only is he a ridiculously good guitarist he has the voice of an angel and the vocal harmonies between him Laurence and Jonathan will be mind blowing! Luckily he said yes so this is definitely a positive step for both me and the band. My Passion will always be a huge part of my heart and life and me and the boys are still best friends. I wish them amazing success with everything they do and I know its only going to go from strength to strength from here.

Thank you all for your support and friendship through the years I’ve been with My Passion, I’m sure I will see you all on the road some time soon.

John Be”