NEWS: Jeremy Bolm (Touché Amoré) launches Secret Voice label!

Jeremy Bolm, vocalist for post-hardcore outfit Touché Amoré, has launched his own record label called Secret Voice, which will be manufactured and distributed through Deathwish Inc. Jeremy has made the following statement regarding the idea behind the label and its launch:

“What is Secret Voice? It’s an excuse. It’s an excuse to release different things that I fully believe in, whether it’s a record, book, video, etc. The wonderful people at Deathwish Inc have blessed me with this opportunity. I have been lucky enough to spend most of the last few years traveling, and in my travels I have met a lot of talented people and seen a lot of fantastic bands that have influenced my decision to get this project off the ground. When we were in Europe this last Summer, I made the mistake of forgetting my music and books in our van back in the States. This lead to a lot of time to think about what else I wanted to do with my life aside from Touché Amoré. I’ve always dreamed of working at a label, so what’s better than starting one with your friends helping you out? Well, here goes nothing.”

The first release on Secret Voice is to be the self-titled 7″ EP from Ontario’s Single Mothers. Ordering information for this release will be announced soon. For now, you can listen to the band’s track ‘Winter Coats’ on SoundCloud by clicking here.