NEWS: Jeremy Bolm (Touché Amoré) involved in car accident in Los Angeles!

Whilst returning home after a band practice session in Los Angeles, California last night (January 7th 2016), Touché Amoré vocalist Jeremy Bolm was involved in a four-car accident. The frontman posted a picture of his car and the damage that it incurred, which is a write-off, via his personal Instagram account late last night. Thankfully, Bolm and everyone else involved in the pile-up have reportedly came away from the incident with only minor injuries. You can check out the image that Bolm posted of his car, along with a short statement/caption that accompanied the photo below:

“So my night got really shitty after practice. I’m very thankful to be alive. I was third in a four car crash. The car behind me thankfully swerved and just clipped me so I wasn’t smashed on both ends. This happened on the 5 freeway north right by dodger stadium. I was going 55 when I hit. Airbags are terrifying but saved me. Everyone is okay including myself. Very sore.”

We here at DEAD PRESS! wish Bolm and everyone else involved in the accident a speedy recovery.

The band’s latest full-length album, ‘Is Survived By’, is available now through Deathwish Inc.