NEWS: Jamie Lenman shares spacey video for ‘Irrelevant’!

Credit: Promo

British singer/songwriter Jamie Lenman has now released a rather spacey and somewhat ethereal video to accompany ‘Irrelevant’, the second of the two tracks to come from his forthcoming double A-side single.

‘Irrelevant’ is a re-working and re-imagining of the closing title-track from last year’s sophomore full-length, ‘Devolver’, now with guest vocals from Andrew Groves (Arcane Roots).

Speaking about the meaning of the song itself and its re-working, Lenman chimed in.

“This track is a re-working of the last track on my album ‘Devolver’, about trying to get rid of the ego and any haughty ideas you might have about yourself as someone or something important. Really it’s about death and being ready for that, you know – you come from nothing, you go into nothing, and that’s fine. I had an idea that it would make a really nice quiet ballad – but when I demoed it, it sounded so much like Arcane Roots that I thought why not just get Andrew (Groves) to do it? We’d been friends for a long time and we’d just been on tour in Europe together, so it made a lot of sense. He brought all his synth toys to bear on it and added those brilliant high vocals. I really love it.”

You can stream and watch the video for ‘Irrelevant’ below.

His new double A-side single, ‘Long Gone/Irrelevant’, is set for release on July 27th 2018 via Big Scary Monsters.