NEWS: Jamie Lenman announces live album, ‘Live At St. Pancras’!

Credit: Promo

Back on October 27th 2017, to celebrate the release of his sophomore record ‘Devolver’, British singer/songwriter Jamie Lenman performed a special invite-only show at St. Pancras Old Church in London.

Now, almost out of the blue, Lenman has confirmed that he’ll be putting out a special release of that show on limited double white LP (or CD) along with a DVD, featuring the live show and a whole lot of other exciting things including a new bonus track, ‘Two Thousand Trees’.

The aptly titled live album, ‘Live At St. Pancras’, will be released on November 2nd 2018 through Big Scary Monsters.

You can take a look at the cover artwork, track listing, and pre-order options below.

01.) “Thanks For Coming…”
02.) All Of England Is A City
03.) Body Popping
04.) Waterloo Teeth
05.) “What’s Your Favourite Song On The New Album And Why?” (Q&A)
06.) “What’s The Name Of The Rap Album Gonna Be?” (Q&A)
07.) “How Easy Was This Album To Make?” (Q&A)
08.) “How Do You Maintain Your Visceral Anger And Honesty?” (Q&A)
09.) “Couldn’t You Find A Bassist?” (Q&A)
10.) “How Hard Is It To Keep Your Old Yamaha Together?” (Q&A)
11.) “Any Artists You’d Like To Feature With?” (Q&A)
12.) “Any Future Collaborations?” (Q&A)
13.) Devolver
14.) Bones
15.) Mississippi
16.) “Today Is A Big Day…”
17.) I Ain’t Your Boy
18.) “Menmania…”
19.) Tonight My Wife Is Your Wife
20.) “St. Pancras…”
21.) Memory
22.) “A Real Bummer…”
23.) Money Changes Everything
24.) “Solo Career…”
25.) The Last Time
26.) “You Will Go To Hell…”
27.) Little Lives
28.) “Thanks To Everyone…”
29.) Nobody Loves You
30.) “Never Coming Here Again…”
31.) Friends In Low Places
32.) Two Thousand Trees

You can pre-order the album online now from the label’s webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).