NEWS: Jailed ex-frontman Ian Watkins’ (Lostprophets) Twitter account promoting new music!

Jailed former Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins, who in November 2013 pleaded guilty to 13 charges and was subsequently convicted and imprisoned for a sentence of 29 years, is apparently tweeting and promoting new music via his Twitter account which hasn’t been touched for almost four years, or so it would seem.

Over the past few days, three new tweets have been sent from his account, though it’s uncertain as to who is doing this – whether it be Watkins himself from jail, or if his account has been hacked. The first tweet shares a short instrumental track from a user named Megalelz, with the following two being from the SoundCloud account of L’Amour La Morgue; the guise that Watkins used for his EDM solo side-project.

You can see a screenshot of the tweets in question below:

You can head to his Twitter account directly here.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear as to who is doing this. It seems incredibly unlikely that this is being doing by Watkins himself, who is currently serving his time at HM Prison Long Lartin in South Littleton, Worcestershire, UK.

More news surrounding this will be confirmed as and when it develops.