NEWS: Jack Barakat (All Time Low) unveils new project, WhoHurtYou!

Credit: Promo

With All Time Low currently having a bit of a break from things, the members are spending the downtime to focus on other hobbies and projects, and guitarist/vocalist Jack Barakat has just unveiled his new project, WhoHurtYou.

The duo is completed by Kevin Fisher (who has helped co-write songs by 5 Seconds Of Summer and Lydia), and is self-described as a dark pop project “with the purpose of healing from heartbreak and turning a negative experience into something positive”, spawned during a difficult time in both of the members’ lives.

Barakat tweeted a short video of the project and how and why it came together, which you can check out below.

Along with unveiling WhoHurtYou to the world, the duo have also released the project’s lead single, ‘Wish We Never Met’, which you can listen to below.

More details surrounding what WhoHurtYou are up to will be unveiled in the coming weeks.