NEWS: Ivan Moody calls Tilburg his “last show” in Five Finger Death Punch!

In recent months, the drama surrounding Five Finger Death Punch and frontman Ivan Moody, specifically in regards to him being an ongoing member of the band, has been sky high. There’s been more beef involving the band and the vocalist than you’d find on a cutting room floor.

The last time that the issue cropped up was back in April, when Moody strongly implied during a radio interview that he was leaving the band, stating that he and the band have “kind of come to a cross roads”, and that it was time for them to “go do something else” whilst also talking about his new project, Villain.

Very shortly after, Moody retracted the statement and offered clarity, assuring fans that he doesn’t plan on leaving the band, that a new album is still in the works, and apologised that “the media” interpreted his statement “as a resignation”. You can read more about our original report on this here.

Not mincing his words, Moody has brought up the subject again very publicly last night (June 12th 2017) at the band’s show at the 013 venue in Tilburg, Netherlands, where he explicitly said to the crowd “I’ll let you know ahead of time, this is my last show with Five Finger Death Punch” before doing a gesture of a knife across the throat.

This moment was caught on video by a fan, which you can watch via the embed below.

According to several witness reports from fans who were in attendance at the show, the members frequently left the stage during their performance to “argue amongst themselves and more”, seemingly precipitating Moody‘s unexpected resignation.

Before the band began playing their song ‘Burn MF’, both Moody and guitarist Jason Hook can be seen antagonising one another, and clearly showing some form of conflict between them, which you can see below.

As the band continued on with performing ‘Burn MF’, Hook then threw his guitar down and walked off stage halfway through the song, which you can see via the video below at about 1 minute and 59 seconds in.

The concert also began without Moody onstage, and instead having Tommy Vext (ex-Divine Heresy) fill in on vocals for the first half of their opening song. Moody later in the set claims that he was running “a little bit late”, but that “there is no other singer for Five Finger Death Punch”. Moody later brings Vext back onstage, saying that he was “lied to”, and left him with the microphone to perform another song before walking off stage and rejoining midway through.

At on point, all of the members excluding Moody leave the stage, leaving him to sing parts of different songs from their catalogue a cappella.

Those wanting to view the whole set can do so via the fan shot video displaying all of the aforementioned controversy below.

Shortly after the set, guitarist Zoltan Bathory took to Twitter to briefly address the events that transpired, stating that it was “not a publicity stunt”.

Earlier today, the band announced details of a UK and European headline tour with support from both In Flames and Of Mice & Men. A few hours later, they released the following statement addressing what happened at the show via their official Facebook page.

“Those who have followed 5FDP from the beginning can tell you there has always been an element of danger and unpredictability in our music and in our shows. That’s rock ‘n’ roll. When you do over 150 shows in a year, you will inevitably have a few derailments, but the train always keeps on moving. Last night in Tilburg was one of those instances, but as they say, you aren’t a race car driver if you don’t wreck a car or two.

We can’t wait to put on amazing shows tomorrow night at Nova Rock all the way to our just announced winter tour all over Europe. See you all on the race track… bring a helmet…

Five Finger Death Punch”

The band are expected to play their next show tomorrow evening (June 14th 2017) at the Nova Rock Festival in Austria.

More details surrounding Moody‘s position in the band, and how they’ll proceed with touring from here will be confirmed as it develops.