NEWS: Itch (The King Blues) addresses assault and abuse accusations!

After several months of online reports and accusations towards Jonny “Itch” Fox, frontman of British punk rock outfit The King Blues, from former partners that claim he assaulted and abused them, Itch has now come out and addressed the alleged reports to offer his side of the story as to what had happened.

In Itch‘s statement, which he posted and shared online via the band’s official Facebook account, he explains that the accusations came from separate women as an “organised smear campaign”, and that three former partners of his had sent a text to him before this began, with a picture of them smiling together stating they were going to “take me down”.

You can read the full statement that Itch issued below, which includes links towards two images (one to a text exchange, and another of photo evidence of physical abuse towards the vocalist) below:

“This is not something I wanted to write but I feel it’s time I had my say in order to say my side of things.

This time last year there were 3 blogs by separate women floating around about me. They were set out to look as if these people had randomly and separately come forward about me. That was not the case, this was an organised smear campaign. One of the blogs claimed I had abused someone. At the time, I really had no idea what to do about this situation and probably handled it badly. I knew the things said in the various accounts weren’t true and I thought my personal life was no one else’s business. I didn’t want to get involved in a public back and forth, but this has gone on long enough and I feel it’s time I had my say.

on 30/03/16, 3 exes of mine sent me a photo of them sat together smiling along with text saying they were going to take me down. I had cheated on 2 of them. It’s not something I’m proud of and I regret behaving in such a way. I’d also like to add that I’m ashamed of some of the things I’ve said in arguments they were certainly not as one sided as she’s made out (her blog blacks out any texts she had sent to me though it does admit she “gave as good as she got”).

The first blog was written on 28/03/16 by the person who organised the meeting and encouraged the other women to write their blogs. There are various inaccuracies in their account, including my interaction with her Instagram followers and what she “found” in my diary. I’m not interested in getting into a public argument with her about how I feel she was to me in the relationship. It is true that I did cheat on her towards the end, and that’s on me which I’m willing to own.

The second blog was then published. I’m not interested in a public argument with her either I was no angel in this relationship, after being accused of cheating so often, I ended up doing just that. I said some very insulting things to her during arguments, she said some very insulting things to me too, but I’m clarifying and owning that I did the same, I have a sharp tongue and can be spiteful. I did truly love her, our relationship was on again, off again and relatively short, but I really did love her.

Then came the third blog by the third person in the photograph at the organised meeting. On the same day, this person also set up a fake Instagram and Facebook account which included intimate photos of me she had taken without my knowledge whilst I was sleeping, then she added all my friends list to those accounts. Fortunately, they were quickly taken down as so many people reported them. Her blog was by far the most worrying to me as it falsely accused me of assaulting her which is why I feel the need to go into it in more depth.

I started going out with this person having just come out of a very long term relationship, looking back I was probably rebounding, but I really loved her a lot. She was beautiful, smart and interesting. Our relationship became incredibly intense from the start and she was moving in with me after only a few days. It was a good time, it was just what I needed, but it then turned dark. She would scream at me at the top of her lungs, she would hit me, bite me, scratch me and even hit herself. I had to call the police and the ambulance on a few occasions to my house as I didn’t know how to deal with the situation.

On 16/03/2015 she supposedly took a pregnancy test while I was sleeping, then came into my room screaming in my ear “Why did you put this thing in me?!” while hitting me. She insisted that I didn’t see the test. We booked to go to the hospital the next day.

At the hospital, she insisted on going in to see the nurse alone, so I waited in the waiting room. when she came out she clearly wanted us to leave right away. That’s when the nurse came out and asked if she could speak to me alone. The nurse explained that this person was not pregnant and never had been. She then called her into the room and I explained that I didn’t want to be in a relationship with her anymore, that I was going home alone. She physically tried to restrain me and the nurse had to get her off me.

We spoke over text and I asked her why she had done this and why she wanted to even be with me- this was her response (here).

We arranged for a courier to arrive at mine to pick up her passport as she had a modelling job in New York, but rather than a courier the police showed up and said they were arresting me for assault. I couldn’t believe it, but at this point wasn’t going to put anything past her. At the station, the police got the doctor to examine me, he found these marks on my body from where she had hit, punched and scratched me (image here).

They quickly dropped the case against me and encouraged me to press charges against her. At this point, I just wanted to get my life back to normal so I stupidly let it go.

Then came a protest at Boom Town festival. By this point, rumours about me were spiralling out of control, as I hadn’t addressed them, nothing was being challenged and instead worse and worse things were being exaggerated about me. I was six months sober at this point, deciding that I may well do something stupid if I were under the influence, these made-up accusations and rumours had put me into a severely dark place that I felt powerless over. I got myself a lawyer and started to write letters to all the above. Their responses were delayed, they tried to stall at every opportunity. Being as organised as they were, they even had the same lawyer (again, this was not 3 random girls coming forward separately, but a planned-out smear campaign). To get a claim for defamation, I’ll have to wait another year for it to get to court so I finally made the decision to put my side out there. I’m aware that there are people who are going to believe their side, people can believe whatever they want. The people involved know the truth and know that their accounts were false. I’ve finally gotten to have my say.

While I obviously feel personally angered at all of this, at having my name dragged through the mud and my career severely slowed down, I’d like to make the point that there are ZERO charges against me. If anyone genuinely feels I’ve assaulted them, then please, I encourage you to go to the police. Our justice system is far from perfect, but it is the best that we have, far better than a trial by internet. The only thing false accusations do is make it harder for real victims of abuse to come forward. To any women out there who have been abused, I urge you to seek proper help. To any men who have been abused, there is no shame in admitting a woman has assaulted you, I urge you also to seek the proper help.

To my exes I cheated on, I genuinely am sorry that I cheated on you both. There’s no excuse for it and it was wrong of me. I’m sorry that I let our arguments get out of hand, they never should have turned into verbal slinging matches.

I want to now put this past year behind me and move forward with my life and with my art. I’m so tired of being involved in so much drama, I’m now in a healthy, loving relationship, am 1 year sober and I’m concentrating on creating art and spreading love. I’m going to get back to what I do best and hopefully we can finally all move on.”

You can also find the original post that was posted out by Itch via the band’s official Facebook page (here).

As explained in Itch‘s statement, we here at DEAD PRESS! urge any victims of domestic abuse, man or woman, to seek help and contact the police. You can find a list of contact information via