NEWS: Issues guitarist AJ Rebollo explains why Michael Bohn was fired!

Credit: JAR

It’s been over a year since now ex-vocalist Michael Bohn was removed from Issues, and more recently, the band have dropped a new song called ‘Tapping Out’, their first material without him in the line-up.

If you wanted to give ‘Tapping Out’ a spin, you can do so here.

Upon its release, a YouTube comment left by one fan caught the eye of the band’s guitarist/vocalist Adrian “AJ” Rebollo, in which they state that they assume the band decided to “betray” and remove Bohn was due to “money and splitting the paycheck with one less person.”

The above tweet from Rebollo wasn’t where he left it though, and later in the chain he issued a number of further tweets, explaining in further detail why the band decided to fire him from the group in January 2018.

You can read the full chain below.

“Alright, we put hundreds of dollars into lessons for him & he’d air drum at practice & rarely practice singing/screaming. Had a meeting twice & said if he didn’t take his craft as seriously as the rest of us, something would need to happen. He said “you have my word”. No change.

We were in his corner for over a year & did everything we could to have him grow with us. We did not “betray” anybody. We did our part as friends & band members for a long time. It was all love. But like anything else, if you don’t do your job, you don’t keep it.

We were intentionally respectful and vague in our statement. Our goal, even my goal with the response to the above tweet, wasn’t to call anyone out, simply inform. We respected Michael as a person and never wanted to harm his imagine. But he has shown no respect for us as people.”

Since his departure from Issues, Bohn has gone on to form a new band called Wildheart, for whom he plays drums.

Issues are expected to release their yet-to-be-announced third album and follow-up to 2016’s ‘Headspace’ later this year.