NEWS: Issues complete third studio album!

Credit: JAR

It has been three years and plenty of turbulence since Issues release their last record, ‘Headspace’, but the band have now finally completed their long-awaited third full-length.

The band confirmed the news in a tweet, saying it came to wrap almost two years to the day from the first writing session for the record.

Frontman Tyler Carter also confirmed and expanded oon the news in an IGTV video post through the band’s Instagram account, in which he shares that the album is finally complete.

“What’s up, world? We are 100% completely finished with our third full-length studio album. I can’t tell you what the name of the album is just yet, but I want everybody to know that that shit is completely done; recorded, mixed, finally mastered, printed, sealed, delivered. We’ve turned it into our record label.”

During the over 7-minute update video, Carter continues to thank the rest of the band for their input and what they’ve been through during its creation, including financial struggles, changes in management, pressure and scrutiny from the fans and the industry.

At one point he even goes on to say that he’s faced backlash to the point where he’s received death threats.

“I thought there were several times when we were going to break up. I thought there were several times when I was going to give up. I felt like I lost myself. I think I took the most scrutiny of anybody because I think everybody just thinks in their head like, ‘Oh, Tyler’s running this thing. This is going to be the Tyler Carter project now. Tyler Carter stabbed Michael in the back, and he’s going to make this new Issues record bubblegum pop’ and bullshit, and all of the death threats and ‘kill yourself’, and ‘you’re a fucking conniving piece of shit.’ Like, I mean, there’s so much extent to it, but somehow I didn’t let anything break me. None of us let anything break us.”

The yet-to-be-announced third album will also be the band’s first without co-vocalist and founding member Michael Bohn, who was removed from the band in 2018. He has since gone on to form a new band called Wildheart.

You can stream and watch Carter‘s full video update on the new album here.

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