NEWS: Iron Maiden collab with BrewDog for ‘Hellcat’ craft beer!

Credit: Promo

Heavy metal veterans Iron Maiden have teamed up with Scottish brewery and pub chain BrewDog to release a brand new craft beer called ‘Hellcat’.

The band are no strangers to making beers, having previously collaborated with Robinson’s Brewery to create the ‘Trooper’ series of beers back in 2013.

The ​new 6% ABV India Pale Lager is set to be an American-only exclusive, at least to begin with, and will be brewed at BrewDog‘s Columbus, Ohio brewery.

Speaking about the collaboration, Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson had this to say.

“I’ve been looking for the perfect partner with whom to bring a fresh, exciting beer to the US. I’ve long been an admirer of BrewDog, not just because of their beers, but also of their attitude and style. When I met the BrewDog team, we discovered the respect is mutual, and that we could make an undeniably unique beer together.”

BrewDog CEO and co-founder James Watt also had this to add.

“Iron Maiden, like BrewDog, have maintained their spirit of independence throughout their stellar career. Hellcat is a hop-forward lager with a golden hazy appearance and crisp finish — an epic beer worthy of this massive collaboration.”

‘Hellcat’ is set to be released this Autumn.