NEWS: InVogue Records release free-to-download sampler album on!

Ohio based label InVogue Records have released a free-to-download full sampler album on, featuring a range of their artists, including Liferuiner, Being As An Ocean, Famous Last Words and more. You can view the artwork, tracklisting and download link below:

01.) Famous Last Words – ‘To Play Hide And Seek With Jealousy’
02.) Dayseeker – ‘Hollow Shell’
03.) Being As An Ocean – ‘Salute e Vita’
04.) The Illumination – ‘Giving Up My Pride’
05.) Let It Happen – ‘Over My Head’
06.) Liferuiner – ‘Vacant’
07.) Shreddy Krueger – ‘Violence’
08.) Sienna Skies – ‘Achiever’
09.) Restless Streets – ‘Ijustwantyouhome (Acoustic)’
10.) Idlehands – ‘Leeches’
11.) That’s Outrageous! – ‘The New York Chainsaw Massacre, Pt. II’
12.) Before Their Eyes – ‘Dream’
13.) Worthwhile – ‘Unlovable’

You can download the full sampler album for free now from

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