NEWS: InMe release new single, ‘The Next Song’!

Credit: Promo

Essex rockers InMe recently bunked their line-up from a quartet into a quintet, and now they’ve shared a brand new single called ‘The Next Song’.

It comes from their forthcoming seventh album, ‘Jumpstart Hope’, and this is what frontman Dave McPherson had to say about it lyrical concept.

“This is a song about constantly singing about someone to the point of mental excess, and promising that the next song is going to be the last one I write about that person. The guys ran with this from the demo I made and painted their melodies all over it to make a much bigger sound, a big anthem that’s also quite heavy in its own way. ‘The Next Song’ is pop catharsis for me.”

You can stream and watch the video for ‘The Next Song’ below.

The band’s seventh studio album, ‘Jumpstart Hope’, is set to be released later this year via Killing Moon Records.