NEWS: Inklings tackle toxic masculinity in new single, ‘Deep Down’!

Credit: Promo

Recently transformed from a two-piece to now a solo project of ex-Fearless Vampire Killers frontman Kier Kemp, Inklings are taking aim at the concerning issue of toxic masculinity.

The band’s new single, ‘Deep Down’, is the first from Inklings since now ex-member and founding partner Michael Lane relocated to Berlin, and starts the new chapter for Kemp.

Speaking about the struggle of starting Inklings and the overwhelming issue of toxic masculinity, Kemp shares his thoughts and experience.

“You have to rebuild everything. Not just your career, but your friendships. Yourself. But I wasn’t brought up in a world where men show weakness. Push down any sign of the psychological toll and carry on. ‘Real men’ don’t get anxiety. ‘Real men’ don’t get upset. It’s that silence that is making some people vulnerable and it needs to change.”

You can stream and watch the video for ‘Deep Down’ below.

The track is expected to feature on a forthcoming debut EP which is set to be recorded this summer for a release towards the end of 2018.

A Kickstarter has been set up for fans who wish to help fund towards it, and you can find out how you can donate via its official campaign page (here).