NEWS: Ice Nine Kills to release deluxe edition of ‘The Silver Scream’!

Credit: Lindsey Byrnes

It’s only a few weeks until Halloween is upon us, and post-hardcore horror fanatics Ice Nine Kills have confirmed that they’ll be delivering a blood curdling treat just in time for it.

The band have announced that they’ll be releasing a deluxe edition of last year’s full-length ‘The Silver Scream’ on October 25th 2019 via Fearless Records, a record in which each track is based upon a respective film in the world of horror.

As with pretty much all deluxe edition re-releases of albums, it’s pretty much certain that they’ll be throwing in a bunch of brand new tracks onto it, and though they’ve not confirmed explicitly they’ve certainly suggested what to expect in the below video teaser.

In it, you can see very brief clips from each of the movies that have songs about them on the record already with two notable inclusions. One of the new inclusions is a brief display of Ghostface, the killer from the Scream franchise, along with a short clip of Michael Jackson in zombie form for the ‘Thriller’ video.

With this, it seems almost certain that there’ll be a new song on the deluxe edition dedicated to the slasher classic Scream, and a cover of ‘Thriller’ also seems a given, especially because the band have covered it live on the radio already which you can check out below.

More details surrounding ‘The Silver Scream: Deluxe Edition’ will be confirmed as it develops.