NEWS: Ice Nine Kills add ‘Stabbing In The Dark’ to horror mini-series!

Credit: Promo

It’s the perfect time of year for films of horror and macabre with Halloween just around the corner – the one day of the year where openly celebrate fear and terror. Of course, it’s a time where Ice Nine Kills thrive.

They’ve continued their own horror mini-series with its fourth instalment and video accompaniment to ‘Stabbing In The Dark’, a song that takes influence from 1978 slasher classic, Halloween.

You can stream and watch it below.

If you haven’t seen them already and want the full over-arching story of the series, you can also stream Part One: ‘The American Nightmare’ (here), Part Two: ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ (here), and Part Three: ‘A Grave Mistake’ (here).

The band’s fifth studio album, ‘The Silver Scream’, is out now through Fearless Records.

You can order the record online now from the label’s webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).