NEWS: Ian Watkins rumoured to have earned £100,000 off royalties since his arrest!

Ian Watkins, former vocalist and primary lyricists of Welsh rock outfit Lostprophets, has allegedly earned approximately £100,000 worth of royalties since being arrested in December 2012, regarding several sexual acts involving minors, according to a story published by The Daily Mail.

Music lawyer, Craig Brookes, explained that since Watkins‘ arrest back in December 2012 regarding several different sex offences, some of which he pleaseded guilty to in Cardiff Crown Court on November 26th 2013, there has been a spike in interest in Lostprophets in both album sales and internet searches, leading to the band and Watkins receiving royalties.

The full story published by The Daily Mail can be viewed here.

Watkins is set to be sentenced tomorrow (December 18th 2013). More news regarding the story will be confirmed as it develops.