NEWS: I Set My Friends On Fire to release shelved version of ‘Astral Rejection’!

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For a number of years due to contractual agreements, legal stipulations, and other blockades, Florida’s I Set My Friends On Fire have struggled to put out new music save for a single or two here and there.

Now, the band have confirmed that they will be releasing the original and shelved version of their 2011 sophomore full-length, ‘Astral Rejection’, something that was initially shared with us in a recent interview (you can read that here).

Though it leaked online in early 2017, the band will be releasing the original ‘Astral Rejection’ with remastered recordings on March 29th 2019 via Epitaph Records.

Vocalist Matt Mehana had this to say in their announcement of the forthcoming release of their somewhat new record.

“The last few years have been an uphill battle with a lot of obstacles put in the way. I know there’s a lot of stuff we remained silent on and a lot of people were left in the dark on a lot of things in regards to new music. We’ve been promising a new album for years, we had release dates, we pulled release dates, etc. It’s way too long of a story to fully explain, but to sum it up, there’s a lot of politics that go into releasing an album. Especially when labels are involved and you’re constantly switching members. The last few years were just a whirlwind of everything going wrong at once. We just got stuck in a series of unfortunate circumstances that prevented us from releasing an album. Although we’ve been silent, we’ve spent the past year trying to clear the air so we could officially release a new album.

With that being said, a lot of the dust has settled, and we’re excited to announce that we are releasing the original version of ‘Astral Rejection’ via Epitaph Records on March 29th! If you are not familiar, this is an album that me (Matt), Nabil, and Chris Lent wrote together back in 2009. It wound up getting shelved for a heavier record under the same title, but with all different songs except for 2 songs that actually made it to the released version. The OG version is so much closer to the roots of ‘Slaughter’. The original version managed to find its way to the internet last year, but we wanted to make sure this album finally got a proper release. Thankfully after 10 years, it will. We couldn’t thank Epitaph enough for allowing us to do this and it’s an honor to team back up with them.

To some people, I’m sure this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but this is a GIANT step in the right direction for the future of ISMFOF. Honestly, this is an obstacle we weren’t sure we would be able to overcome. We can release music again. We can finally release an album. The wait is over. It’s going to be a good year. We’re sitting on a lot of unreleased material and this is just the first step to finally getting that music out to all of you.

We don’t have bad blood with anyone. No one purposely tried to put us in the black. Every business comes across issues at some point and it’s a good business owner’s job to protect their business. Sometimes when two people are protecting their businesses, their best interests can conflict with each other. It was never personal. It’s just business. In the end, it’s all love.

Thanks for sticking with us, enjoy our new record!”

You can take a look at the cover artwork, and full track listing (according to the initially leaked version) below.

01.) Phantasmagoria
02.) Excite Dyke
03.) Narcisticismfof
04.) Party At The Moon Tower
05.) Cantaloupe The Antelope
06.) Astral Rejection
07.) Infinite Suck
08.) Rebornphin
09.) Commit To The Hypothetical
10.) Zenith Anniversary Stab

Pre-order options are expected to be made available soon.

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