NEWS: Hostage Calm decide to call it a day!

Having not long released their fourth studio full-length, ‘Die On Stage’, Connecticut’s Hostage Calm have announced that they’ve decided to call it a day via their official Facebook page. You can read the full statement below:

“Hostage Calm has broken up. It’s too soon, it’s too young, and it hurts too much.

All planned shows are canceled. We are still figuring out if and when there will be any final shows.

I want to personally thank every one of you who supported us over the years. You shared so much more with us than you’ll ever know. From our music to our politics, you helped make a bunch of Wallingford kids’ foolish dreams a reality. It was the great privilege of our young lives.

To all of you who’ve connected with us, who’ve grown with us, who’ve loved, changed, cried, lived with us – and to all of you who will yet – Just know that we loved what we did, and we could never have done it alone. “I’ve been a hero, and I’ve been a fool. And all of it for you.”

Yours Forever,
Hostage Calm”

Any news regarding any final farewell shows or releases will be announced as and if they develop.

The band’s latest album, ‘Die On Stage’, is out now through Run For Cover Records.