NEWS: Honey Lung share video for new song, ‘Room’!

Credit: Promo

Alt-indie shoegazers Honey Lung have shared a video for ‘Room’, the band’s first in a trio of new songs with the next two to follow in the coming weeks.

Vocalist Jamie Batten had this to say about the song and its video.

“It’s kind of apt that ‘Room’ is being released now. It’s a song about isolation and cabin fever and all the thoughts that go along with that. It’s actually named after the film ‘Room’ which won some awards a couple of years ago. The film is about a lady and her son who are being held against their will, with no way to escape. I guess I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the ideas of being isolated emotionally and physically and how it can drive you to places in your head you would never usually go. It can be a great thing or a terrible thing.

We shot a music video for the track with a friend of ours out in Berlin. The video is essentially me being edgy af for 4 minutes.”

You can check out ‘Room’ and its video.