NEWS: Hobo Johnson releases new single, ‘I Want To See The World’!

Credit: Promo

Singer/songwriter Hobo Johnson (aka Frank Lopes Jr.) has released a new single called ‘I Want To See The World’.

It’s the first to be taken from his forthcoming fourth album, ‘The Revenge Of Hobo Johnson’, which will be released later this month.

This is what he had to say about the track.

“I want to see the world is my favourite song I’ve ever written because it really articulates the last year of my life. COVID really allowed me, and a lot of people it seems, the time to reevaluate the country and society we live in.

At the same time, this new evaluation is far different than the rhetoric we’ve been given through popular media, and is hard to accept as a possible reality. I’m grateful for the lyric “if you look too hard, then you just might find, the bottom of a bottle” is in there because it rings true the newfound hopelessness that comes along with this perspective. Speaking about these topics seems so important to me now, and makes me wonder why anyone liked my older music.”

You can check out ‘I Want To See The World’ and its video below.

His fourth studio album, ‘The Revenge Of Hobo Johnson’, is out on June 23rd 2021.

Pre-orders are expected to be made available soon.