NEWS: Highly Suspect share video for ‘These Days’!

Credit: Promo

Massachusetts based rockers Highly Suspect have just debuted a video for their latest ‘These Days’, which stars Tony Cavalero (The Righteous Gemstones, The Dirt).

This is what frontman Johnny Stevens expressed on the video.

“I have this thing where I’m too close to my art. We are, and for as long as I can remember, difficult to really collaborate with, not because I’m a snob but maybe more so out of fear that somehow all of the hard work I put in will get bent into a shape I don’t find aesthetically pleasing. We’re getting better at letting other people into our tight knit community. When you find someone with as much passion as you, sometimes it’s worth giving it a shot. This time that man was Tony Cavalero (The Dirt, The Righteous Gemstones, School of Rock). Tony has an incredible mind and a work ethic comparable to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He is also hilarious.

Highly Suspect have been touring pretty heavily but also needed to get this video done. So, we just said to ourselves, “Fuck it… let’s give Tony the lead.” Other than writing and performing the song and lending my dog as a guest star, we have to give credit where it’s due. Tony and his team along with Lallie Jones and the team at 300 Entertainment worked really hard and put together this video that’s just incredible, and hilarious while still getting a very relevant point across. It’s really kind of mind blowing to see other people’s take on “your work”. I had read the treatment briefly but put trust into the people actually making the video so I only got to see the final version a few days before you do. I feel just as excited as you guys because for once it’s still new to me. Usually once I’m finished with a project, I’ve been so close to it that by the time it reaches your eyes and ears I’ve moved on. We couldn’t be happier with the video or more thankful to the people that were involved in making it come to life. It’s a shiny little distraction from how much these days really suck. Bravo Tony and all. You’ve taught me that it’s ok to trust a little more.”

You can stream and watch the video for ‘These Days’ below.

The band’s third studio album, ‘MCID’, is out now via 300 Entertainment/Atlantic Records.

You can order the album online from the band’s official webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).