NEWS: Hey Monday announce hiatus!

Following their recent leaving of Columbia Records and Decaydance labels, the release of ‘The Christmas EP’ along with frontman Cassadee Pope revealing dates of a solo tour, Hey Monday have announced they’re now on a hiatus. Cassadee has posted a statement regarding the hiatus, which reads as follows:

“Hey everyone! Cassadee here. I know since I announced my solo acoustic tour, there has been a lot of rumors and confusion swirling around. I wanted to let you all know that Hey Monday is not ‘broken up’. We are, however, taking a break and pursuing things on our own. In my case, that is a solo project. I hope you all understand that this does not mean we’ll never release new music or tour ever again. I just felt the need to fill you all in since I’ve gotten a good amount of questions pertaining to this. Me and the guys are still friends and always will be, and this was a decision we all agreed was for the best. I could not have imagined experiencing everything we were able to with a different group of people, our crew included! So we would really appreciate all of your support with this decision. We love you guys and we thank you for everything you’ve done for this band and each one of us individually. We have the best fans ever.

PS. I WILL be playing some HM songs during my tour!! And also some new material I have been working on.”

Guitarist Alex Gentile has also posted a statement regarding the band’s downtime, and what he plans on doing during it:

“Hey guys so i’m just going to fill you in on a few tidily bits. Hey Monday is still a band. The band is not broken up, however we are currently focusing on other aspects of our musical expression. As you all know, Cassadee is pursuing a solo endeavor. She has posted her info about it on her Facebook page, so if you would like to go scope that! In lieu of this down time, I am pursuing new music; playing and writing with a new band. This will be my main focus. I’m extremely excited about this, and am looking forward to releasing information about my new band very soon. I’m working some things out, new bands don’t just happen over night! For what Alex, Pat, and Christopher are up to in the meantime, keep up with their Twitters and other social networking sites. Keep posted to my blog and Twitter for details, I’ll be leaking little tidbits of info here and there until things are ready to be fully set in motion! Whether it is with my new band, other friends that I have been playing/filling in for, or Hey Monday, I’ll be seeing you guys soon!

P.S. – It’s extremely hard to be a band in today’s music industry. Anything that will happen with my new band will happen because of you guys. I love you all to death, you guys are the fucking best.”