NEWS: Heart Of Gold shares video for new song, ‘Midnight In Miami’!

Credit: Faye Ogawa

Heart Of Gold (the solo side-project of Being As An Ocean guitarist/vocalist, Michael McGough) has just shared a video for his new song, ‘Midnight In Miami’.

This is what McGough had to say about it.

“‘Midnight In Miami’ was the song I wrote when I wanted to start actually doing the things I always thought about doing but would forever put off.

I would listen to so many songs, and experience all of these feelings as I was trying to translate what they were actually about, and I told myself “I wanna write a song that physically makes me feel something like these songs do. I wanna write a song that can transport you to a completely different place to where you’re currently at.”

I started writing the initial beginning to this song during a very cold winter back in England, because I wanted to feel like I was somewhere else, somewhere warmer, driving with the top down through a city at night, or on a beach with friends. I essentially tried to turn myself into a character in a movie.”

You can check out ‘Midnight In Miami’ and watch its video below.