NEWS: Heart Of Gold shares acoustic version of ‘Midnight In Miami’!

Credit: Faye Ogawa

Heart Of Gold, the solo side-project of Being As An Ocean guitarist/vocalist Michael McGough, has just released an acoustic version of ‘Midnight In Miami’.

This is what McGough had to say about stripping the song down.

“Most songs start off as ideas on acoustic guitar or piano, so going back to rediscover the ‘original’ versions of this track, before we even entered the studio, was really fun. It gave us the chance to dissect the finished song, strip back all of the fancy production and be able to re-track this in a different light, try out the ideas that never made it to the studio and give the fans a chance to enjoy the alternative.”

You can stream and listen to the unplugged version of ‘Midnight In Miami’ below.

If you want to listen to the original version of the track, you can stream it below.