NEWS: Hayley Williams to release second album, ‘Flowers For Vases/Descansos’!

Credit: Lindsey Byrnes

Hayley Williams has announced that she will be dropping her sophomore solo album, ‘Flowers For Vases/Descansos’, on Friday (February 5th 2021).

The surprise release and follow-up to her 2020 solo debut, ‘Petals For Armor’, is set to drop tomorrow (February 5th 2021).

Williams‘ began teasing the record last month after linking fans to a website called ‘Flowers For Vases’. A track from the record called ‘My Limb’ was also leaked when Williams hand-delivered a CD to a fan in the US.

She then shared the title of the record along with the date ‘2.5.21’ to her social channels with the following image, which is believed to be the album cover artwork.

This follows Williams stating previously in an Instagram post that she was in the process of recording her equivalent to Taylor Swift‘s similarly surprise-release ‘Folklore’, leading to fans to anticipate a new album drop anytime soon.

Along with ‘My Limb’, other song titles speculated to appear on the record include ‘Asystole’, ‘Just A Lover’, ‘Good Grief’, and ‘Find Me Here’, the latter of which appeared on last year’s ‘Petals For Armor: Self-Serenades’ EP.

We’ll provide more news on this when we have it.

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