NEWS: Hayley Williams (Paramore) set to release MAC make-up collection!

Hayley Williams, vocalist for pop-punk outfit Paramore, has confirmed that she will be launching her own MAC make-up collection, with the products set to be released as an online exclusive on April 9th 2013, coinciding with the release date of the band’s self-titled fourth album.

Following this news, Hayley Williams made the following post on her blog:

“So happy I finally got to let the cat outta the bag! Seriously, it’s a huge huge deal to me that MAC was interested in doing a collection with me. The colors couldn’t have come out any better, they’re really exactly what I hoped for.

This is an online only exclusive collection… it comes out the same day as our album, April 9th! (This is the U.S. album release date, FYI). Hope you all will pick some of the products that I made with MAC and feel like the coolest cats in town when you wear them. Be prepared to see many an orange smear across my face at the upcoming shows cause I’ve already got my hands on all this stuff!

PS… thanks SO much for all the love and the kind words you guys have all sent me about this collaboration. I’m so damn grateful to do something so fun and have people be just as excited as I am about it.”