NEWS: Hayley Williams has fans leak new song, ‘My Limb’!

Credit: Lindsey Byrnes

Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams has released a new song called ‘My Limb’… well, sort of.

A fan confirmed on Twitter that Williams came to her house to deliver a candle and a burnt CD with ‘My Limb’ on it, and the singer/songwriter shared a video of this too.

It appears that Williams asked her and other fans to leak the song. As such, you can stream and listen to ‘My Limb’ below.

It’s assumed that the song will be part of a bigger release called ‘Flowers For Vases’, which Williams cryptically teased via changing the domain of her website.

Along with this, it’s also worth noting that during the video Williams shared of her driving to the fan’s house to deliver the candle and CD, she mentions that it has “one of the songs”.

More details will be confirmed as they develop.