NEWS: Havelocke share video for ‘100 Seconds’!

Credit: Promo

Sheffield up-and-comers Havelocke have shared a video for ‘100 Seconds’, a track from their recently released ‘Arsonist’ EP.

Vocalist Owen Cousins had this to say of the song.

“‘100 Seconds’ is the last song we wrote for this EP, in fact it very nearly wasn’t finished in time for recording (we couldn’t get together to practice it through the lockdowns), but when we had most of it down we decided we couldn’t not have it on there. This song is wild to be perfectly honest, there’s so much going on. We really wanted to add a little bit of drama into this release and ‘100 Seconds’ has definitely got the drama.

The Doomsday Clock is currently at ‘100 Seconds’ to midnight, we’ve never been closer to the end of the world. ‘100 Seconds’ is not only about watching this unfold in real time but also playing a part in the show. It’s genuinely crazy to see us spiral towards the end, doing next to nothing about Climate Change, electing leaders who don’t give a shit and would literally burn the earth to the ground for a big pay cheque. As the doomsdayers say, the end is nigh.”

You can check out ‘100 Seconds’ and its video below.

The band’s new EP, ‘Arsonist’, is out now via Silent Cult.

You can order the EP online from iTunes (here) and Amazon (here).