NEWS: Hang The Bastard call it a day!

London based metallers Hang The Bastard have announced their plans to split, posting a statement on their Facebook page explaining the decision. You can read the full statement below: ‘ After 9 years, 13 members and 17 bassists, Hang The Bastard are calling time. We’d like to thank everyone who has helped us out, put on shows, driven us, toured with us, recorded us and drunk with us. Special thanks goes to Christopher Barling, Sina Namati, Annail Seivad, Chris Pritchard, Steve Sears Jr. and TITAN Studios, Sam Thredder, Ollie Bill Harries, Chris Hill, Nick Searle, Dave Stanley, Mark Scurr, Phil Sanchez, Alex Fitzpatrick and Holy Roar Records, Sam Knight, Tony Boden, Ed Coleman and Secret Law Records, Billie Klein and Century Media Records, all the fill-ins & Aaron Enzo Garzia and Alice Andersen at Never Healed Records. More than anything we’d like to thank our wives, girlfriends and families past and present for their support and putting up with us! We will be playing the last of our UK shows over the next few weekends, followed by a short run in Europe and then headlining a stage at the Holy Roar 10th Anniversary show. We will be planning a proper ‘last show’ after the Summer in London where we’ll be playing songs from our first release up to the most recent. Thank you all for your support over these years – without people watching us and headbanging we’d be nothing. Now go back and listen to Slayer and fuckin Black Sabbath’.