NEWS: Haggard Cat to live stream 24-hour entombment to protest Brexit!

Credit: Promo

In a rallying cry against the potential effects of the divisive and ongoing enigma of Brexit, Nottingham duo Haggard Cat will live stream as they stand entombed within a concrete block prison for 24-hours.

The undoubtedly mentally and physically draining protest for the pair will be available for all to witness on Earache Records‘ Twitch channel (here) from 2:00PM on October 23rd 2019 up until 2:00PM on October 24th 2019.

Vocalist/guitarist Matt Reynolds had this to say about it.

“Locking yourself in a box is a stupid idea. As is Brexit. It’s intentionally doing something we know is stupid and not in our best interests and puts us at risk. As touring musicians, we can see that the outlook for playing in mainland Europe post-Brexit is bleak, and potentially not even viable for developing artists. We really wanted to demonstrate our feelings on the matter and put across how isolating Brexit is going to be for everyone in Britain, but from our perspective as musicians in particular, by isolating ourselves physically with bricks and mortar.”

The band’s sophomore album, ‘Common Sense Holiday’, will be released on March 13th 2020 via Earache Records.

You can pre-order the album online now from the label’s webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).