NEWS: Hacktivist share new song, ‘Armoured Core’, featuring Kid Bookie!

Credit: Promo

British metal-grime crossover outfit Hacktivist have just shared a new song called ‘Armoured Core’, which features a guest appearance from South East London rapper, Kid Bookie.

Speaking about the new single, co-vocalist Jot Maxi has this to say.

“This is a song for anyone who is going through a hard time and needs building up. It’s motivational. It makes you feel like, ‘Nothing can touch me, I can do this’, but it’s personal to Hacktivist as well. With what we’ve been through, a lot of other bands might have broken up, but we’re back with this new record and a new dynamic, which even I think is great and I’m super self-critical. As long as you’re alive and still breathing, your core is armoured and protected by something. This song is a reminder to stay strong.”

You can check out the video for ‘Armoured Core’ below.

Although Hacktivist have confirmed that they will be releasing an album next year, no further details have been announced. More will be confirmed as it develops.