NEWS: Guns N’ Roses teasing an ‘Appetite For Destruction’ world tour?!

Their main stage headline slot at Download Festival this summer is impending, but it seems like Guns N’ Roses have something else pretty big up their sleeves that they’re teasing and plan to announce later this week relating to their critically-acclaimed classic, ‘Appetite For Destruction’.

Over the past few days, fans have been spotting billboards that have been erected in the London area, depicting animated images of each member of the band’s original line-up from their 1987 debut full-length with the hashtag #DestructionIsComing.

The band have also been tweeting and promoting a website which displays a world map and a countdown timer which will end at 5:00AM on Friday May 4th 2018 (UK time) and reveal the surprise.

Though, despite fans speculating and all signs speculating that it’s leading towards the announcement of a world tour where they’ll be performing their debut ‘Appetite For Destruction’ in its entirety, which will be celebrating its 31st anniversary since its release this July, a recent interview with original drummer Steven Adler suggests otherwise.

In an interview with Australian rock publication Heavy Mag (which you can read here here), Adler tells them that he believes it to be an advert for a box-set collection, because he hasn’t heard anything about being part of the band and the tour with them again.

“It’s a collection I think, I’m not sure but that is what I think it is. If it is a tour of the Appetite Of Destruction line-up to be touring together and playing together again, which I have been praying for over twenty-five years, then nobody has said anything to me. So I don’t know but you will definitely be able to see me play Appetite For Destruction with an amazing band in Australia… that we definitely have going! Until the other GNR guys, whoever runs GNR I don’t know, wants to get the five of us back together when they are ready… I am ready. I am ready and I am set.”

More details surrounding what destruction is coming will be unveiled in due course.

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