NEWS: Greg Puciato debuts new song, ‘A Pair Of Questions’!

Credit: Stephen Odom

Greg Puciato (The Black Queen/ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan/Killer Be Killed) has just debuted a new solo song, ‘A Pair Of Questions’.

It’s the latest track to come from his forthcoming debut solo album, ‘Child Solider: Creator Of God’, and this is what Puciato had to say of it.

“‘A Pair Of Questions’ is a sentiment of being able to feel someone when you aren’t around them, of time passing, life passing, but you can still hit the same note with that person, and how nice it is to know that. It’s a very literal song.

Two people whose roles in each other’s lives are hard to define, hard to pin down, dancing around one another, maybe it never focuses into a fixed definition but the feeling never changes. It’s obviously a romantic song, but there’s also some longing, and there’s an element of being perplexed and a little frustrated by the feeling as well, but ultimately there’s sort of a bewildered contentment and appreciation for the feeling.”

You can stream and listen to ‘A Pair Of Questions’ below.

His debut solo album, ‘Child Soldier: Creator Of God’, is out on October 23rd 2020 via his own label Federal Prisoner.

You can pre-order the album online from Bandcamp (here).