NEWS: Green Day’s UK fans plan to get ‘American Idiot’ to #1 for Trump’s visit!

Following the news that US President Donald Trump is expected to finally make his first visit to the UK since becoming President on July 13th 2018, during which time he’ll also be meeting Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Teresa May, it appears that Green Day fans in the UK are rallying together to take action.

Fans are aiming to start a movement in order to get Green Day‘s 2004 hit single ‘American Idiot’ (a song which is a renowned critique of the US at the time, and released during the presidential campaign in which George W. Bush was re-elected) to the top of the UK charts to coincide with Trump‘s visit.

As a means of sending the President their political message and disdain towards his policies and leadership, fans are campaigning for people to purchase the song in order to get it to the top of the charts.

The plan outlined on the Facebook page named Get ‘American Idiot’ to No.1 for Trump’s State Visit (which you can find here) reads, “So if we ALL buy enough downloads of Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ between Friday 6th-Thursday 12th it will time PERFECTLY to hit No.1 the very day he arrives on UK soil! Streaming counts too, but less effective. Let’s do this!”

Fans who want to take part are being asked to begin downloading the song and making their contributions during the week prior to his visit (July 6th-July 12th), saying that purchased downloads of both the studio and official live versions count.

Streams also go towards the charting metric, but 150 streams from any of the major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer) would equate to 1 download.

Green Day released their seventh studio album ‘American Idiot’ on September 20th 2004 through Reprise Records.