NEWS: Green Day to release “lost” documentary, ‘Hand Like A Heart Grenade’!

Today marks the eleventh anniversary of Green Day‘s Bush-era protest album/rock opera, ‘American Idiot’, and, to mark the occasion, the band have announced that they’ll be releasing their long “lost” documentary chronicling the making of the record.

The documentary, titled ‘Heart Like A Hand Grenade’, is set for a wide release in cinemas on October 15th 2015. This is the first time that the film will see an official public release, having already been showcased only once in Hollywood back in 2009 for just 400 fans.

Speaking of the film, director John Roecker, said: “After the recording was finished they booked a small theatre and performed the album in its entirety, which is included in the film. This movie is like a fly on the wall art house piece. It is the first time Green Day allowed someone into the studio to film them.”

More information regarding the documentary can be found on the band’s official website (here).

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