NEWS: Green Day become first band to (kind of) land on Mars!

Credit: Promo

In the ongoing development of research and fascination in space exploration and Mars, the most similar planet in our solar system to Earth, it seems like Green Day have made their mark there already.

The band sent a tweet out yesterday (November 27th 2018) to let everyone know that they have “Officially landed on Mars”, which is true… kind of.

The NASA InSight Lander, which has now officially arrived on the red planet after traveling approximately 301,223,981 miles through space since May 5th 2018, bears a chip with the etching “Green Day Since 1986”.

You take a look at the band’s tweet and a photo of the chip below.

In a report published on CNN (full article here), NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said the following about the landing.

“Today, we successfully landed on Mars for the eighth time in human history. InSight will study the interior of Mars and will teach us valuable science as we prepare to send astronauts to the Moon and later to Mars. This accomplishment represents the ingenuity of America and our international partners, and it serves as a testament to the dedication and perseverance of our team. The best of NASA is yet to come, and it is coming soon.”

Shortly after its landing, the InSight Lander sent a picture back to NASA.

The mission of the NASA InSight Lander is to investigate and understand Mars’ interior, as scientists want to know more about how the planet is constructed.

It will listen for “Marsquakes”, using its vibrations will reveal where the rock layers are and what they’re made of; it has a mole system which will burrow up to 5m into the ground to take the planet’s temperature to help give a sense of how active Mars still is; and will also use radio transmissions to very precisely determine how the planet is wobbling on its axis.

The NASA InSight Lander will spend two years on the planet’s surface collecting data.