NEWS: Glass Ocean release new song, ‘Beyond Us’!

Credit: Promo

Australian up-and-comers Glass Ocean have just released a new song called ‘Beyond Us’, the latest to come from the band’s yet-to-be-announced debut album.

Vocalist Tobias Atkins commented further on the song and its themes.

“It’s about facing who we are and that our shortcomings appear to be scarier than any horror movie or nightmare. I think it’s generally a very difficult thing to look straight in the eye. For those that don’t, we drift through life either unaware of a looming travesty, or we are awake and in fear. I think the punishment is far greater not meeting it head on. ‘Beyond Us’ is about running from and also confronting the things we wish to forget or leave behind in time.”

You can stream and check out ‘Beyond Us’ below.

More details surrounding the band’s debut album will be confirmed as they develop.