NEWS: Glamour Of The Kill break up!

British hard rock outfit Glamour Of The Kill have announced today that they have decided to part ways a call it a day, with no plans to write, record or release any music, nor any plans to tour or perform any farewell dates. You can read a full statement that the band posted online regarding their split below:

“After 10+ years of writing, recording and performing, the time has come for us to bring GOTK to close for now… whether or not we revisit this in the future is undecided, but as things stand we have no plans to write, record, or tour.

You only have to look at the number of great bands that have also recently decided to call it a day to get an idea of what a sorry state the music industry is in, and we are no exception to this.

For longer than we can actually remember we have been playing music together, and have been fortunate enough play shows to a very large number of people across the world. Despite this, music has been no way of us affording to live, pay bills, or do anything functioning human beings do, and the massive cost associated with touring internationally, more often than not means putting every single penny we have made back into everything else we have done.

It has come to a point where we need to take a step back from this, and focus on other careers just to allow ourselves to get by.

From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank every single person that has bought our music, come to a show and sung their heart out, bought merchandise, got behind last year’s kickstarter, and generally helped us sustain GOTK to this point. Without your help and support we wouldn’t have made it this far and been able to do what we love for so long.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank every single band, crew member, and industry professional that has supported us. You have made the journey so much fun and helped carve us into the well formed pieces of shit we are today.

It is with heavy hearts we must bid you all farewell.

Glamour of the Kill”

The band’s final output, the ‘After Hours’ EP, was released last year following a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign.